Rochester university

Box Office FAQ

Refunds are currently available for ticket holders that find themselves feeling ill the day of a performance or who
have had a close contact. We are also happy to provide a refund should an emergency arise. If you cannot attend
a performance that you have already purchased tickets for, please contact We can help
you exchange your tickets for a future date if possible or issue a full refund.

We love having guests on our campus and want to make sure that it is as easy as possible for patrons to
navigate parking for performances. Please see the campus map below to locate our performance venues and
adjacent parking.

The RAC Theater is located in building #12.

The ALT Theater is located in building #11.

The Pit (Outdoor venue) is located next to building #17.

Late seating may be permitted at the discretion of the House Manager. If possible, patrons will be seated near the exit during an appropriate break in the performance. Due to the nature of our performance spaces and production-specific conditions, late seating may not be permitted and patrons may have to wait until intermission to be seated. This also applies to patrons that leave the theatre space during the performance. It is frequently distracting and even unsafe for patrons to enter the theatre space while a show is in progress. Direct any questions to the House Manager the night of the performance, or contact to get in touch with the Box Office Manager.
Parents are encouraged to use discretion when purchasing tickets for their children and should contact the box office manager with any questions about the age-appropriateness of any production. Children 5 years old and under are not permitted into the theatre unless the production is specifically intended for young audiences.

ACCESSIBLE SEATING: We know that our patrons have differing levels of mobility and want to make sure our
performances are comfortable and safe for all audience members. If you are planning to attend a performance
and have accessibility concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to When you
purchase a ticket online, there is a prompt for you to indicate any accessible seating needs you might have (i.e.
wheelchair seating, an aisle seat, a seat that doesn’t require using any steps, etc.). If you are purchasing your
ticket at the door, please let the box office attendant know about any needs so our staff can assist you.

LEADER DOGS: Leader Dogs, Future Leader Dogs and other service animals in training will be admitted to the theatre with the use of a Mutt Mat or similar mat. Trainers should bring a mat from home or use the mat provided by Rochester Christian University Theatre. Trainers should contact the Box Office Manager prior to the show to make arrangements for accommodations for their service animal in training at the performance.

At Rochester Christian University, we strive to tell stories that uncover truth and enlighten the human story—the light and the dark. To do this, we must present stories that are as culturally diverse as the audiences that view them (See Diversity Statement). As we celebrate the things that make us similar, we must respect what makes us different. We know that every person will have different triggers and different elements that make them uncomfortable, such as content or language. However, just because the content, language, or characters of a story make us uncomfortable, that does not mean that the story is not worthy of being told. At RCU, for the sake of education, training, and artistic expression, we will deal with such stories. Rochester Christian University Theatre understands that patrons sometimes may find the content in a production unsettling, and we recognize that particular sensitivities vary from person to person. We encourage patrons to contact the box office with any specific concerns about content in our productions by emailing or calling 248-218-2149. As always, feel free to address any concerns with the House Manager on the evening of the show as well.