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Spring 2024 | Session A
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Jan 6

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Mar 2

Program Overview

Ready to raise the curtain on a career in theatre? As an RCU theatre major you’ll practice your craft in the community with talented faculty, staff, and other students. You’ll also be challenged to consider not only your creative goals, but your vocation in terms of how you can be of service in God’s world. The program provides a strong foundation in liberal arts, emphasizing critical thinking, effective communication, and scholarly research, giving you real-world marketable skills and excellent preparation for graduate studies. This program offers year-round opportunities to perform, design, direct, and manage, mentored by faculty and other professionals.

degree requirements

Our Theatre BA program consists of 60 credit hours including six credit hours of practicum credit earned through participation in production, and a capstone internship or senior project. You’ll receive a strong foundation in liberal arts, along with year-round opportunities to practice your craft in the community. You may choose from four specialized tracks, including Performance, Production, Musical Theatre, and Film Production. This program also provides excellent preparation for graduate studies.

If you decide to pursue a Theatre major, you must first audition for admission into the program and are expected to participate in productions each semester while maintaining good academic standing at Rochester Christian University.

  • Students will be able to analyze a play script using a variety of interpretive strategies.
  • Students will be able to synthesize script analysis into artistic expression through the visual, oral, kinesthetic, and written modes of communication found in acting, design, directing, and dramaturgy.
  • Students will be able to describe how theatre can reflect, promote, and challenge its cultural context.
  • Students will be able to articulate their personal beliefs, values, attitudes, and abilities in theatre in relation to the Christian story and service in God’s world.

Total Credit Hours: 120

  • General Education Core: 35 hours
  • Theatre Major: 60 hours
  • Production Core: 6 hours
  • Theatre Core: 36 hours
  • Major Track – 15 hours: Choose From the Following Tracks
    • Directing/Tech
    • Performance Track
    • Theatre Management Track
  • Electives: 25 hours
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Main Stage Opportunities

interdisciplinary programs

 The Rochester Christian University Theatre major provides students with a well-rounded education in all aspects of the theatrical arts, including a myriad of disciplines apart from on-stage performance. Aside from a B.A. in Theatre, students may also choose from the following interdisciplinary concentrations or minors.

Program Statistics

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Graduates hired within 6 months

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Jobs filled by Rochester grads

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Career Opportunities

Types of Jobs

  • Actors
  • Directors
  • Designers
  • Theatre Technician
  • Stage Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Worship Leader
  • Arts Director
  • Carpenter
  • Recording Artist
  • Voiceover Artist




Avg. Salaries post graduation

Market Trends

Projected growth in 2021-2031 =8-10%
Projected job openings (2021-2031): 7,000

student experience


  • Main Stage Opportunities


  • Creative Writing Club


alumni testimonial

After graduation I started working in professional theaters in Toronto, mainly as a stage manager and sound designer. I have also worked in marketing for a theater, co-directed a theatre festival, designed show projections and directed. Being an active member of the RCU theatre department has made all the difference to my professional career. The only reason I was able to successfully handle the first year of my career wherein I was juggling four productions simultaneously was because I learned how to maneuver through a great deal of diverse responsibilities during RCU productions – many of which I had to do on top of a multitude of other student/student leader obligations.


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