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Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

The Spiritual Life area of Student Life at Rochester Christian University exists to provide the campus community with opportunities for spiritual growth and reflection that lead to deeper connection with self, God, and others, as we seek to participate in greater service with God’s world.

Spiritual Life at Rochester Christian University is exhibited on our campus through Campus Ministry initiatives, service opportunities, and worship and chapel programming. Each of these experiences lead to spiritual formation and a greater sense of vocation among our students. Campus Ministry initiatives focus on developing programs, resources, worship, and learning opportunities that develop faith formation in our students.

Spiritual Formation Opportunities (SFOs)

  • The Offering – A monthly night of worship through music
  • Other worship programming of various styles and expressions
  • Spiritual formation practices and reflections
  • Bible Studies
  • Small Groups
  • Chapel
  • Service learning opportunities
  • And more!