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Community Life + Worship

Community Life + Worship

Community Life + Worship, CLW is the program that houses chapel, intercultural and spiritual life. A variety of co-curricular events, initiatives, activities as well as extracurricular options are available through CLW. These events include but are not limited to chapel, spiritual formation opportunities (SFO), campus ministry programs, service learning, intercultural life events, and more. CLW promotes interpersonal formation, intercultural awareness, spiritual formation, and a greater sense of vocation among our students.

Full-time traditional undergraduate students are required to earn 25 CLW points every semester. CLW points can be achieved by attending chapel, SFOs, campus ministry programs, department chapels, service learning, and intercultural life events. Each CLW event is worth 1 point unless noted otherwise.

For each point short of the required 25, there will be a $20 fine assessed. Monies collected from the fine will go into an account for future CLW programming.

Recording attendance and tracking CLW points at chapel and other events will be done through the RCU app.


Accommodations and Exemptions

Exemptions are available for the following students who are:

  • Student teaching
  • Nursing students enrolled in clinicals
  • Students who enter the Fall 2023 semester with 175 CLW points or more
  • Potential accommodations and modifications may be made for students with unique circumstances. Examples of unique circumstances may be students who are parents of small children, are caregivers for family members, health-related issues, and other barriers that may prevent students from physically attending campus on a regular basis. Each case will be reviewed and approved by the accommodations officer and the Dean of Students. Students with special circumstances should complete the CLW accommodation form for review and approval.


CLW Online

Full-time enrolled traditional students with all online classes in a semester can participate in CLW, engage with chapel, and earn CLW points through the CLW Online program available through the RCU app developed by CampusGroups. Students will be required to complete the CLW Online form for approval and viewing access.

Recordings of chapel will be available through the app for approved students. Each student must view the chapel in its entirety and answer three short questions at the end in order to populate their CLW point.


Chapel is a dedicated time where the campus community gathers together for worship, biblical teaching, and other creative programming that promotes vocational awareness, intercultural, spiritual, interpersonal, and personal formation.

Chapel meets every Tuesday, Thursday, and the 4th Friday of the month for worship from 11:20 AM – 11:50 AM at the Rochester Christian University Alumni Center on campus. There will be 30-31 chapel dates every semester. Additional CLW opportunities will be regularly scheduled on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Fridays from 11:20 AM to 11:20 PM. Students are encouraged to routinely check the chapel and event calendars available through the RCU app and Center for Student Life social media accounts to see a complete list of weekly scheduled CLW opportunities.

Chapel Events Calendar