Rochester Christian University


Rochester Christian University Unveils New Alumni Center

Members from the greater Rochester community gathered with RCU students, faculty and staff to commemorate the unveiling of the new Rochester Christian University Alumni Center on Thursday, Sept. 14.

The Alumni Center houses the School of Business and Technology, the School of Education and  the new Van Duyn Financial Planning Program.

Dr. Jason Van Duyn, president and founder of AQuest Wealth Strategies, is the first donor to fully sponsor a program at Rochester Christian University.

The Van Duyn Financial Planning program currently has 18 students in its first year of being offered at the university. The program is an online or hybrid learning experience that blends together business fundamentals and financial planning knowledge students need to become a successful financial adviser.

Rebekah Pinchback, dean of the School of Business and Technology, said Van Duyn’s philosophy matches up well with the university’s. “We are proud of the holistic approach that we take in educating our students; Jason takes the same approach with his clients. He has a deep rooted desire to pass on knowledge and experience to the next generation of financial planning professionals,” she said.

Rochester Christian University purchased the building at 250 W. Avon Rd in 2022 from the Rochester Church of Christ, which had originally purchased the property from the university in 1987. The addition of the property provides 45,000 square feet of 14 offices, eight classrooms, two conference rooms and an auditorium where weekly chapel services are held.

This additional building on campus provides space for the growth of the university. “I used to think to myself, wouldn’t it be wonderful if some day, we had a facility at Rochester Christian University that housed particular academic departments, where faculty could have offices, a place for classrooms and spaces for students to be,” said Dr. Brian Stogner, RCU president. “It is nice to be here today to celebrate this new space and the way that the university can grow into it,”

Tours are available to those interested in visiting the new facility. Contact RCU Development and Alumni Relations at or call 248.218.2021.