Academics, undergraduate

Christian Ministry, BS

fall 2024 | Session A
Classes Start

aug 24

Session B
Classes Start

Mar 2

Program Overview

The Christian Ministry program at RCU prepares you for ministerial leadership with courses in biblical studies, theology, church history, ministry, and spirituality. You’ll benefit from a broad educational experience designed to help you understand and engage in the challenges of ministry life. To provide you with real-world experience, the RCU program offers opportunities both within RCU’s campus ministry and a variety of other internships. Special attention is given to leading congregations.

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degree requirements

  • Christian Story: Graduates evaluate ministry decisions in light of historical and global interpretations of the central themes of the Christian story
  • Contextual Discovery: Graduates approach ministry contexts from a variety of perspectives (including theological, sociological, and anthropological)
  • God-centered Identity: Graduates operate from a God-centered identity and a dynamic sense of calling  
  • Hospitable Leadership: Graduates partner with communities of faith in discerning and joining the work of God in God’s world
  • Scripture: Graduates interpret scripture contextually and theologically for the sake of local communities of faith and God’s world
  • World Engagement: Graduates recognize God’s presence and join God’s activity in God’s world in unexpected places

Total Credit Hours: 120

  • General Education Core: 38 hours
  • Christian Ministry Major: 51 hours
  • Electives: 31 hours
  • The Offering

Program Statistics

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Graduates hired within 6 months

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Jobs filled by Rochester grads

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Career Opportunities

Types of Jobs

  • Seminary
  • Ministry




2022 Median Pay

Market Trends

Projected Growth (2021-2031): 4-7%
Projected Job Openings (2021-2031): 24,400

student experience



  • The Offering



Rochester was a place where I had permission and space to ask some of the biggest questions of my life, allowing me to grow in my faith and values. Without my professors, fellow students and on-campus job as an RA, I would not have pursued a clinical residency to become one of the youngest clinical chaplains in the country and be working at the Cleveland Clinic. RCU was integral in starting my vocational journey.


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