Warrior Spotlight

Warrior Spotlight: Christopher Heldt

Christopher Heldt is a Christian ministry major, husband, father, full-time mechanic and half-time pastor! With a schedule like his, it’s a wonder how he balances his time. He is clearly successful, given he is on track to graduate soon with only 6 classes left.

Heldt never planned on going into ministry, but God had other plans for his life. He felt called to be a pastor after an unexpected experience in the hospital. Heldt currently serves as a pastor at a Methodist church and leads worship on a monthly basis.

One of Heldt’s most memorable classes was Dr. Huey’s World Religions class, which included a trip to Chicago. When asked what makes Rochester unique, he stated, ”For me it was the convenience for my life. I had a few credits from Oakland University, [and] someone led me here to check out their Christian Ministry program.”

When Heldt is not studying or working, he is at Cedar Point with his daughter. He hopes to finish his degree and continue in ministry wherever God leads him. His ultimate goal is to, “… be used in some way to make a slice of life better [and] offer the hope that I can,” Heldt says.