Early College and Dual Enrollment

Early College

Rochester Christian University partners with area school districts to allow high school students to earn university credits while still in high school. Rochester Christian University offers various avenues for earning university credit:

The Early College five-year program offers both online and face-to-face instruction to enable students to earn their high school diploma and university credits up to an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree. Students have the opportunity to earn up to 60 university credits from Rochester Christian University. Early College students are also eligible to earn the Michigan Transfer Agreement stamp. Courses can be taken at the high school, online, and/or on the campus of Rochester Christian University.

Enhanced dual enrollment through early college allows students to take Rochester Christian University courses at their high school for university credit.
Current school districts participating in the Rochester Christian University early college program are Avondale School District, Lapeer County Schools, Oakside Charter Academy, and Oxford School District.

Dual Enrollment

High School and Rochester Christian University

High school students who do not have an arrangement with Rochester Christian University through their district may also dual enroll at Rochester Christian University. After completion of their sophomore year, students may dual enroll at Rochester Christian University and take lower-division general education courses or, with permission of the appropriate department chair, other lower-division courses. Dual enrollment provides a great opportunity to experience the university environment and earn university credits while completing the high school diploma. Students should consult their high school counselors to determine how university credits may apply toward their high school diploma requirements. Students who dual-enroll are granted a fifty percent (50%) tuition discount, are not required to pay the student support fee, and are not eligible for financial aid. This tuition discount is available for up to six semesters prior to the time the student completes the requirements for the high school diploma. Dual-enrolled students may enroll for no more than 11 credit hours of coursework per semester.