Sustainable Community Development Internship

March 2-9, 2024


This trip will fulfill a significant portion of the workload for the full semester class, REL 3923 ST02 World Religions. Students may take the trip without taking the class, but first priority will be given to those who are enrolled in REL 3923 ST02.

Be Diverse

There are many cities (like Detroit) that have diverse religious communities. Nobody, however, can match the sights, sounds, music, and foods that London provides.

  • London is blessed with cultural diversity.
  • As the historic capital of the British Empire, London is connected with nations all over the world.
  • London has some of the world’s most remarkable museums.
  • London is fun, fast-paced, and exciting. We will see more than temples and shrines.
  • They speak English!

The Cost

The cost of this trip is covered by a $2500 course fee that is attached to REL 3923-ST02. That fee will cover all travel, food, lodging, and activity expenses. We are hoping to reduce the cost substantially, and will keep you updated about that effort!


Requirements for joining the trip include:

  • Not on probation, including academic and social
  • Ability to walk several miles and have the energy for activity
  • A great attitude as you explore London and try new experiences
  • You will need to get a passport that will not be included in the overall cost
  • Enrollment in REL 3923 ST02 is preferred, and priority will be given to those students.


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