Academics, accelerated

Strategic Leadership (Accelerated), BS

Summer 2024 | Session A
Classes Start

April 27

Session B
Classes Start

June 22

Program Overview

Do you see yourself in a leadership role? RCU’s Strategic Leadership program can help you reach that goal by helping you understand what it means to be a competent, creative, flexible, and forward-thinking leader in a corporate environment. You’ll learn the importance of understanding diversity, ethics, and organizational values in decision making, as well as theoretical foundations and practical behaviors and processes that promote positive leadership and organizational growth.

degree requirements

This degree program can be completed fully online or through a combination of online and in-person classes.

  • CRITICAL THINKING: Professional graduates think critically and apply systems thinking to decision making.
  • PROBLEM-SOLVING and APPLICATION:  Professional graduates apply functional area concepts and theories appropriately.
  • PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION: Professional graduates communicate effectively by preparing and delivering oral and written presentations using appropriate technologies.
  • SOCIAL AND ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY: Professional graduates align personal, professional, and organizational conduct with ethical and professional standards of conduct including an understanding of corporate social responsibility.
  • VOCATIONAL AWARENESS: Professional graduates demonstrate an understanding of God’s ongoing story in the world and their responsibility to God, self, organization, and the world as a part of that ongoing story.
  • INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS and HUMAN RESOURCES: Professional graduates demonstrate understanding of diversity, law, and best practices in human resources to effectively recruit, select, train, and retain employees.

Total Credit Hours: 120

  • General Education Core: 38 hours
  • Strategic Leadership Major: 48 hours
  • Electives: 34 hours
  • Student Business Senate
  • National Society of Leadership and Society

Program Statistics

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Graduates hired within 6 months

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Jobs filled by Rochester grads

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Career Opportunities

Types of Jobs

  • Management
  • Organizational Leadership




Avg. Salaries post graduation

Market Trends

Projected Growth (2021-2031): 8-10%
Projected Job Openings (2021-2031): 3,700

student experience



  • Student Business Senate
  • National Society of Leadership and Society


alumni testimonial

The RCU strategic leadership program gave me the management and leadership tools I needed to better market myself. The courses and instructors pushed me to think outside of the box. They helped me recognize my leadership qualities and focus on ways to put them to use in my current job. The academic path RCU lays out for students is exceptional. Professors at RCU push and support your needs and celebrate your victories.


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