Academics, Undergraduate

Healthcare Administration, BS (Accelerated)

Summer 2024 | Session A
Classes Start

April 27

Session B
Classes Start

June 22

Program Overview

Do you have a passion for improving healthcare? Healthcare Administration is a rapidly growing field. With this degree from RCU, you’ll gain the knowledge to plan, direct, and coordinate a variety of medical and health services. As a medical or health services manager, also called healthcare administrators, you might manage an entire facility, a specific clinical area or department, or a medical practice. You’ll learn to work closely with physicians, nurses, medical and clinical technicians, as well as interact with patients and insurance agents. You may also be required to direct changes that conform to healthcare laws, regulations, and technology.

As a graduate, you may manage a nursing home facility, oversee specific medical departments, or lead as a health information director to supervise the work of medical records and health information technicians

degree requirements

Our Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration accelerated curriculum is an online degree completion program. If you don’t have a background in healthcare, you may have additional prerequisites or be required to follow the curriculum outlined here. With this degree, you’ll learn to plan, direct, and coordinate a variety of medical and health services, You’ll gain the knowledge to become a health services manager (also referred to as healthcare administrators) and work in a variety of healthcare settings.

  • Demonstrate critical business and financial management thinking skills through strategic planning.
  • Apply systems thinking to create and articulate clear plans for strategic change.
  • Demonstrate research methods and quantitative decision-making skills with data.
  • Evaluate ethical and legal issues related to planning and implementing health care services.
  • Demonstrate knowledge related to using technology to achieve organizational or program goals and practices.
  • Describe and explain a wide range of concepts and theories related to health care.

Total Credit Hours: 120

  • General Education Core: 31 hours
  • Healthcare Management Foundations: 12 hours
  • Healthcare Management Major: 46 hours
  • Electives: 31 hours
  • Student Nursing Association

Program Statistics

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Graduates hired within 6 months

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Jobs filled by Rochester grads

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Career Opportunities

Types of Jobs

  • Administrative Careers in Hospitals
  • Health Systems
  • Public Health Agencies
  • Insurance Firms
  • Consulting Firms
  • Medical Group Practices
  • Managed Care Organizations
  • Government Agencies




Avg. Salaries post graduation

Market Trends

Projected Growth (2021-2031): 11%
Projected Job Openings (2021-2031): 70,400

student experience



  • Student Nursing Association


alumni testimonial

One of the deciding factors for me to come to RCU was the opportunity to be in the nursing program while playing basketball. This had its challenges and required full commitment, but my teachers and coaches were always in communication and willing to work with me to make sure I succeeded in both. Both nursing and basketball bettered my character, work ethic and time management. It was rewarding to be able to pursue the career I am so passionate about and play the game I love.


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