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Diversity & Inclusion


You are welcome at Rochester Christian University – come just as you are! We believe your unique story can enrich our shared life here. Your experiences, your background, your ideas–the things that make you who you are–matter to us. Together, we can tell a beautiful story, a story of diversity and inclusion. We need your help to create a trustworthy environment where everyone can flourish, a place where every story matters.

Rochester Christian University is committed to diversity and ensuring equity by challenging bias, stereotypes, harassment, and discrimination. As individuals and as a community, we will support each other, respect our differences, and build on our commonalities. We seek to graduate students whose vocations further God’s transformative work in this world.


As followers of Jesus, we at Rochester Christian University are committed to love, to justice, to peace, and to mercy. Following the example of Jesus, we are committed to loving and valuing every human as a bearer of the image of God. Also consistent with that example, we are dedicated to standing with the oppressed and marginalized, contending for justice, and doing all in our power to create a welcoming, loving, and peaceful space for all of God’s children. The time for drastic change in our society is long overdue. Rochester Christian University is committed to fighting for that change. A history of over four centuries of racism is the great cancer eating away at the heart of our country. White supremacy and white privilege are two of the “principalities and powers” with which the followers of Jesus are at war. At Rochester Christian University, we unabashedly declare our opposition to those evil forces.

The commission of Jesus is clear. In these times, a Christian university must become aggressively anti-racist. For many of us, and starting with me, the first step must be a ruthless and ongoing self-examination of our own racism. But, that can only be the beginning. True believers act; they don’t stop at self-examination. We must repent of our racism and act strongly against it, wherever we find it. At Rochester Christian University, we declare our commitment to do just that. May God help us.

37.7% / 62.5%

Male / Female Ratio


% of International Students


% of Ethnic Minorities that make up the RCU student body

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee was organized in February 2018 as an effort by the Administration to enhance diversity, inclusion, and equity at Rochester Christian University. The Diversity Committee is a product of the Rochester Christian University Diversity Blueprint that maps out a trajectory for an improved campus environment where all individuals feel they can have a voice and feel like they have a place to belong. The Diversity Committee exists to work toward actionable goals in improving the policies, processes, and initiatives on campus in relation to diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Committee Chairs: Charity Davidson, Vice President of Human Resources & Chief People Officer | Evan Green, Dean of Students

Committee Members: Scott Samuels, Vice President of Admissions, Marketing, & Student Life | Dr. Naomi Walters, Chair – Department of Theology & Ministry and Professor of Religion | Jaymes Vettraino, Assistant Professor of Business and Director of the Center for Social Engagement | Dr. Joel Hachem, Professor, School of Business | Mary Sauger, Assistant Director of Admissions | Dr. Remylin Bruder, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs | Shiloh Covell, Assistant Registrar

Campus Partners

  • Student Life
  • Accommodation Office
  • Academic Center for Excellence
  • SOS & Support Guides
  • Title IX Coordinator
  • Advising Center
  • Campus Ministry
  • GEO (Global Educational Opportunities)
  • Early College Program


Center for advising & vocational services

The Center for Advising and Career Services provides academic and vocational guidance to new and continuing students as they move through their education at Rochester Christian University. From the initial registration appointment, staff advisers work with students to establish an educational plan, define career goals, understand vocational aspirations, and connect them to co-curricular opportunities that will enhance their education and prepare them for life beyond the university experience.